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    About Modena Motors Inc.

    Our Professional Automotive Consulting Service specializes in New and Classic Muscle Cars and fine, used, European Sports Cars for sale. We Import and Export used vehicles. If you cant find the vehicle you are looking for in our Online Showroom, please contact us with your vehicle requirements and we will locate it for you.

    Look to Modena Motors Inc. for unique Diecast Cars, as well as Interior and Exterior Customizing, Performance Enhancements and Accessories, and Automotive Detailing and Hand Washing.

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    Some of our vehicles just can’t help but draw a little more attention. These are our Featured Vehicles. Every couple of weeks we refresh our listings with a few great deals that we feel deserve a little more attention than the rest. But don’t linger too long if you see something you like—someone else might be eyeing your prize!

    923-925 Weston Road Unit 1-4, York, ON M6N 3R4

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